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Thread: Extract subtitles from my own subtitled film

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    Default Extract subtitles from my own subtitled film

    I have a question about extracting subtitles (.srt) from one of my own subtitled films. I'm pretty sure the subtitles are Open Captions and not Closed Captions. I don't have the project file left since it was a couple of years ago. Is it possible to do this in any way?

    Information about the video file: MP4 / 1920x810 / 25 fps.

    I have tried the following tools but they don't seem to recognize the subtitle track: MediaInfo, Subrip, Mp4box.

    Appreciate any type of advice for this issue.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I vaguely recall doing this in Handbrake ( you can try searching if there's a way to do it with Handbrake.
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