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Thread: How is the editing?

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    Smile How is the editing?

    Hi all!

    I have recently created youtube channel where I post point of view and GoPro compilation videos. I am not amazing at editing and any recommendations would be great! The latest GoPro compilation is below!

    Thanks a lot for your time.

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    It's fun to watch compilation videos of cool and exciting clips, but regarding your editing - how much of that is actually your editing vs how much was already there in the clips you took?!

    What i mean by that is - you obviously don't have access to the raw footage of those clips. Especially the GoPro Fusion ones where the edit was already made by the original author in terms of creating the angles, timing and so on. I assume that in the clip with the girl and the football the zoom transition was already there from the original author?

    From what i can tell is that your edit consists of sticking clips together in an order that you like and adding a song on top of it?
    You did a good job with that, but then again - that's pretty much the bare minimum of every edit.

    - Music choice was good. It fits the vibe and it is a good slow-mo song.
    - Color seems consistent, but then again - all GoPros look the same, all that changes is the lighting conditions in those clips.
    - Your sequencing choices made sense, so that was good.

    Obviously you can easy spot that you used clips with different resolutions, or the very least the original authors exported them with different quality levels. It seemed some clips were 4k, most HD, maybe even some upscaled 720p, but it could have been very low bitrate as well, hard to tell.

    Anyway - good luck with not getting Copyright spammed.

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    Everything RL_Sensie says ... also

    Despite the fact that there are some crazy stunts going on here I found myself becoming bored. Fortunatey I suck it out long enough to appreciate why. The sequence with the girl in and around the swimming pool interacting with the guy with the camera (or the viewer). Yes, she is attractive and acting in a very fun loving way, we are seeing her face and she is drawing us in.
    Your tag line is Be Anyone Anywhere Anytime, Experience it all.
    In most of the shots, even though they are POV we are not really experiencing it - and we cannot as we are not there.
    What we need is to see the emotional respnse, reactions or whatever of someone who is there and that short sequence with the girls (and just one or two other shots) where we see faces makes all the difference.

    To engage an audience you need to show a reaction, opinion whatever - something human that people can relate to.

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