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Thread: Faith In Money (Documentary 2019)

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    Default Faith In Money (Documentary 2019)

    Faith In Money

    A short documentary that explains the history of currency, why people have faith in money, and what gives currency value. Let me know what you think.

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    Brace yourself...

    Quite a few "faults" for me I'm afraid.
    It starts with the very first shot where the background is sharper than the subject. Not good.
    The sound is quite bad in places. Especially the voice-over. Sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom with the camera mic!
    The interviews are generally poorly composed and the lighting with "the drunken philosopher" is particularly awful and we are left wa-aaa-ay too long looking at a boring picture.
    The Nixon excerpt is terrible quality and also his image goes on way too long. If you absolutely have to have the whole clip, cover it up with some picture inserts.
    Finally the royalty-free musak track really gets on your nerves after a few minutes.

    So sorry, the whole thing is way too long and not really interesting enough to grab one's attention. Put simply, it's not enjoyable to watch, and that's nothing to do with the content. Apart from the fact that the interviews are banging on for what seems like an eternity. You need to attack it with a pair of scissors and chop it down to about five minutes max.

    Sorry to be so blunt.

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