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    As someone who's advice i can trust can you check my new video? I know the background music is too loud. But i think the rest is getting there slowly

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    Hey Darren,

    I really like it. Now I did skip through a bit so I might have missed something but the bits I did see where very clear. Great job on the cards with the keypoints. In some occasions I thought they where a bit long in view which makes it feel a bit static.

    I think for the next one the card length and card design might actually be best to work on. Now I'm not great with typography and graphic design so I can't go too far into detail (also its quite subjective I guess). What I would do is find either a more modern font or something that's more in line with the game's design like something pixel art like. In any case I would stay well away from any font with serifs. Another thing that I wouldn't do is the drop shadow. Drop shadow is better left alone unless it really serves a purpose (it can improve readability when you don't have a solid or semi solid background behind the text). Lastly I noticed the text wasn't always centred to the textbox you placed behind it. (Maybe you should use something like Canva to help you style the cards )

    I think if you do those points for the next vid it should make quite a big improvement and we'll see if there's anything left to pick at
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    Thanks Grapes, i knew i could rely on you for great feedback 👍 i will certainly try and improve the cards and text

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    Darren, I've moved these posts to a new thread. We have a rule (there are only 3 in the sticky at the top) - one video per thread. This is so it doesn't become confusing which comments relate to which videos,

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