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  1. Smile 2018 'A Leap Of Faith"

    Here's my latest video. I tried to experiment with the sound a bit after the comments on my last video. I really find the sound element quite difficult because I can listen to it from different devices, headphones, and speakers and they all sound different. Anyways I hope you enjoy and I look forward to more constructive input.

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    I struggled somewhat to hear/understand the voiceover (and, I think, live commentary) in the first part in particular. I was listening through low-to-mid-range 2.1 computer speakers. Some of it was much better through decent headphones (not high-end - Sennheiser H555s) but, surprisingly, some of it was worse. I think, balance aside, a big part of the problem is the constant changing of (a) the environment in which the voice was recorded - and thus the sound of the voice itself and (b) the rapid and constant changes of the ambient sound. This is presumably why so many people strip all the audio and dub music and maybe a voiceover (which kills any feeling of being ther and sharing the experience)

    It seems to me (never thought about it before) that whilst we can happily deal with cutting rapidly between shots (indeed, we almost expect this) cutting between different audio sounds is really distracting.

    This is speculation, but I wonder if it might work better if, when cutting from "studio voiceover" to "on location voiceover" you first cut to the ambient (location) audio for a couple of seconds before introducing the location commentary. Cutting back to "studio" audio is not so much of a problem, but I'd suggest you need to leave a gap between the two voiceovers.

    Aside from the audio (which, I believe is what you were primarily interested in) I did think the video was rather too long. Fast cuts are a great way to create a trailer, a sampler, a summary. But there is only so much someone can take in and after a while it becomes overload without exploring one or two of the items in detail. I appreciate you were telling your story - which is great and potentially justifies 4min+, but the visuals are "just" snapshots of what you were/are doing on your travels and, without more detail (which would be inappropriate for this video) they start to blur into one.

    Sorry if this comes across as negative, I'm just trying to express my reaction and then analyse why it was so.

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    Thank you. I really appreciate your insight. The only way to get better is to fall and get back up.

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