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Thread: Baltic Sea by Dji Spark

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    Default Baltic Sea by Dji Spark

    Please check my new video from Polish seaside .Edited in Davinci Resolve.

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    Some nice shots, some not so nice. All in all these types of video's immediately give me the "oh no not another random collection of generic drone shots" feeling. It also didn't quite flow nice with the music in al places.
    On the other hand I the colours are nice and am a bit amazed these are done with the spark.
    The cats are watching us...

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    Yeah i kind of have to agree with Grapes.
    What's the point of a video like that? There is no subject, no story, no purpose. It's a mix of random clips from basically the same location in 20 different angles and lighting conditions.

    The average attention span of people these days is 1:54 min on YouTube videos with SUBSTANCE and you just made a 3:34 min video of random drone shots that have no meaning. Why would anyone want to watch the whole thing?
    Also, if you go from mid day shots do sunset, then don't show random daytime shots again after you do the buildup for the sunset ending. That makes no sense otherwise.

    On a positive side note.
    I like the music choice (maybe work a bit more on picking the correct clips for specific parts of your music).
    Some clips were actually pretty decent for the spark - just show's that it's all about lighting conditions.

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