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    Hi, I'm new with this video editing stuff, I'm currently using Studio 8. After editing my movies captured from DV, I started making disk and after long hours of rendering and compiling, the DVD that studio had burned does not work properly on all my DVD players. It did not happen only once, I've been collecting coasters right now. Can anyone give me an advice on how to tweak studio to make it work better? Thanks!

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    are u burning the correct -R +R etc for ur dvd player?

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    I agree. the fact that you say "on all my DVD players" implies they do work on some. This says to me that it is quite likely the DVD burning process, and settings are OK and that you just have an incompatability between disks (possibly just a brand issue) and DVD players.

    Are the DVD players where the disks don't work more than a year or two old? Is so then it is likely they are simply not comptible with DVD+-Rs.

    I had a tear in my eye when I had to retire my faithful old Samsung 709 for this reason alone :cry:

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