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  1. Default Vlogger, vlogging about vlogging. Feed back requires

    I am now 2 weeks in to my video editing journey, this is ny latest video. Would appreciate some feed back on how i can improve the next one

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    Overall style is nice. Laid back attitude, clear vocals relaxing background music. I'm of opinion that the subscribe button duration was a bit long and perhaps you might want to change the mouse pointer to a hand and do a click animation on the subscribe button as well.
    Lastly I would personally opt to only include the subscribe button once in the video at the end or twice, once at the end and once when you are referring to subscribing.

    For the better part of the video you're talking about Canva which is in a way an awesome tool and I absolutely recommend it to anyone for the same reasons as you point out but it didn't meet my expectations that where set at the start of the video. If I wanted to hear so much about Canva (I must admit I skipped after a while) I would've looked for a Canva specific video instead.

    Other than that I've got nothing to comment on for now.
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    Great feedback as usual Grapes 👍 i will most certainly take it on board. Suppose it may only be super interesting for people that dont know about canva or struggle to make a professional logo

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    Yes but still in that case it's probably good for your own content as well to spread it out into this video where you mention it briefly and then you can refer to a new video where you go more in depth that way you have more video's and you also keep them bite sized.
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    I see you've removed the video. This is not great practice on a forum discussing videos as it now renders Grapes' comments (and the whole thread) meaningless. You may have learned from it but you have denied others the possibility of so doing.

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