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    Here's a link to the original tutorial:

    What I'm wondering is, how do I make the full-sized picture "shrink" into the smaller picture. If anyone has seen 24, you know at the end of nearly every episode, the main picture slides and shrinks into the corner, and other screens pop up. I've tried transitions like "Push" and "Slide," but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how?

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    In Adobe Premier Pro all you have to do is select the clip and then go to the effect panel for that clip, then under motion you can change the size of the clip by changing the scale.

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    I use both Motion and Crop to achieve split screen, but my problem is "transitioning" the large picture into the small one. I can have a large picture and all of a sudden two small seperate ones, but I want the large one to move and shrink to the side and then the second one pops up (i.e. the end of most episodes of 24).

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    You need to keyframe the size and motion.

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    I've been experimenting with this technique - utilising the premiere 5.1 mixing like the actual 24 - anybody had any luck recreating the 24 logo introduction? Split screen is simply a case of keyframing in the effects options for each transition yet once the video is back to full size razor the clip so that there are no effects occuring (hence less rendering required later on).
    Andy Holland

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