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Thread: Camera pass through floors and wall effects

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    Default Camera pass through floors and wall effects

    Iím trying to make a short film:
    At the scene i want the camera to pass through the wall. It takes place in an apartment where the shot begins in a childrens room and transfers into the neighbors room next door. I want the shot to transfer sideways (into another room on the same floor, and vertically into a different floor).

    The scene itself is less critical, the transtion effect is what i want to understand the most.

    I thought about two options:
    1.shoot the scene with tripod and place an effect like this.(
    2.shoot the scene with a camera and gimbel and pass through shots with masks (like

    The shot itself wont turn or be pointed in any other way during the actual transition through the walls.

    Someone have a good tip/other way?
    I want to make it as professional as i can.
    I would like to hear a good opinion or reference!

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    Isn't it the same technique but at a different speed?
    I'd probably dolly my camera up to the wall and then from the next wall again and add a "between the walls" texture as a transition piece in between. Keep the flow up don't move it too slow and if creatively possible, keep the transition short for the best viewing experience.
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    If you simply move a camera laterally or vertically towards a wall/floor the effect will not work as the camera needs to travel beyond the the surface of the wall/floor (hence the reason for using projections in example 1). One way to avoid this issue is to have something next to the wall (eg bookshelf) so that the camera can travel beyond that with the shelf obscuring the wall immediately prior to the transition). Obviously you'd need t do thr same the other side.

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    Not exactly what you were looking for but rather good anyway ...
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