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    Default Last Wedding of the Year

    The last wedding of the year from me. It's been a decent year, really happy with the opportunities to be involved with quite a few different couple's weddings. Feedback?

    Filmned with:
    - Zhiyun Crane Plus
    - DJI Ronin-S
    - Sony A7RIII
    - Sony A7III
    - Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8
    - Sony 35mm F1.4 Zeiss
    - Sony 50mm F1.4 Zeiss
    - Sony 85mm F1.4 GM
    - Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM
    - DJI MAvic

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    It's been a while since checked in on this forum. I guess the stars have aligned today with this topic for
    I did watch all of your video and straight away i noticed some areas where you could improve. I will try to give you constructive criticism, but i tend to be very direct so don't take it the wrong way. It's meant to highlight some areas of improvement.

    Let's start with the criticism part

    The first thing i noticed was the inconsistency with frame rates in certain scenes. It is apparent (though i might be wrong), that this was a 2 man job and that one of you was shooting stuff in slow motion and the other one was shooting 24/25p with one of the Sony cameras and the drone.
    The reason i am making this assumption is the use of 2 camera bodies and because in multiple parts of the video you have multi angle shots of the same scene where one angle was filmed in slow motion and the other angle in 24/25p.

    • The opening drone scene seems to be sped up! I don't know why - the music demanded it to be in slow motion (60p slowed down) or at the very least piloted smoothly on 24/25p. By speeding it up you create, first of all - inconsistency between the scene tempo and music tempo, and secondly - introduce jerkiness because the drone operator did not pan the shot smoothly ( there are 2 jerky pan adjustments visible). The opening scene is super important because it set's the mood for the entire video. It's like the first impression of meeting a person - it should be positive.
    • A general rule for these kind of videos is to shoot everything in slow motion (50/60 or 100/120) and only shoot the talking bits in 24/25p. Everything just looks better in slow motion and it masks the camera shake as well. I am sure you know that and my guess is that you kept one camera on slow motion and the other on regular speed to get the same moments in 2 versions, but it can backfire if you try to use those regular speed shots as B-roll. Because B-roll does not look good on 24/25p. Especially when it's mixed in with slow motion shots.
    • I did not like the tilt shot at 1:28 simply because it was not in slow motion or speed ramped smoothly. That's sort of the point i am trying to make here - you went from a slow motion shot with the guys to this regular speed (no gimbal) tilt shot of the bride and it ruined the mood for me a bit.

    The second thing i noticed is is how the image quality looks from the Sony's after your color grade and Youtube compression. The image is just broken - full with noise, banding and artifacts (not all shots, but a majority). Did you shoot everything in LOG ?
    • There is also heavy green FRINGING @ 2:18 because you shot the bride and groom backlit against the window and the lens you picked for that shot did not handle it well.
    • It's funny when you jump from one camera angle to the other in the same scene. One shot is full with green fringing and the other is not. I would have not used footage from the camera with fringing at all in the edit.

    If you shot everything in LOG, in those lighting conditions then you basically degraded your footage for no reason. The only time you or anyone should shoot LOG is in high dynamic range situations (bright sky, dark shadows). In a cloudy day like you had it there and indoors shooting LOG is a BIG mistake, because LOG pushes up the shadows and introduces extra noise for no benefit at all.

    The second disadvantage is that LOG should ONLY EVER be used on 10bit or more. Using LOG on 8bit is just destroying the quality for absolutely no benefit. It's a common misconception that "you should shoot in LOG, because it makes your footage look better".
    Yeah, it helps, but ONLY on 10bit+ files. On 8bit it makes things worse - especially for Sony cameras, because you already have to work quite a lot to get decent skin tones and colors in your grade and if you add LOG on top of that, then your image ends up way worse then shooting on a natural or standard picture profile!

    I am not sure if you shot it in LOG (it's does seem to me that you did) or if you went too far with your grade, but you could definitely improve the image quality.
    Even applying a denoiser would help quite a bit here.

    The third observation is - you should improve your post-production work for matching colors (especially skin tones) between your 3 cameras.
    In one scene your bride has decent skin color, but 2 sec later you put in a shot from your other camera and the bride's skin color is all of a sudden pink. 30 seconds later the bride has green tinted skin in some shots.

    This should not be hard at all, because both of your cameras are Sony from the same generation, so my guess is - your White Balance was not coordinated between both cameras? Or you just missed that part during color correction.

    The fourth point - portable video lights might have been PERFECT for this shoot. Something light, battery powered and portable would have made some of the indoor and even outdoor shots so much better.
    I know that wedding's are hectic and run 'n gun, but even an on camera LED would have made a huge difference in some shots.
    Also - this seemed to be a full package wedding shoot and you could easily add an assistant with a 1-2 LED portable light setup + on camera LED in the package who runs with you and lights your scenes. Not that it would be possible in every scene, but most of your shot's could have been lit to get a more professional look.

    The last point - Sound design!
    Recording environment and scene specific noises during the shoot OR adding some SFX in post would elevate your work to the next level.
    For example:
    • The VW arriving scene @ 1:49. Look at the scene now and then imagine it with SFX of car tires slowly rolling on to gravel with wind blowing through the trees and some birds chirping in the background.
    • It would be a day and night comparison. Sound design is the difference between "oh, yeah... i watched a video" and "OMG, i felt like i was there while i watched the video!"

    Now for the good part

    • I liked your shot selection and shot variety.
    • The framing was done well.
    • You definitely have a "Let's get as many shots with different angles as possible" mentality which is great for this type of work.
    • The slow motion shots are very good - i personally always use a smooth and light roll motion in my slow motion shots and it works very well for moody videos.

    Overall i think you did a good job there and if i would have to rate the end product, then i think it would be a solid 7 out of 10.

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    What a cool way to film a wedding video. Great job

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