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Thread: My little vid - not the usual live-action.

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    Default My little vid - not the usual live-action.

    Just a gaming vid i made cuz i was bored. I like it, maybe you will too. its about 35 megs, cuz its more than 5 minutes long, and you have to do a page or two of navigating to get the file to download, but i got it hosted for free! tell me what u think?

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    Afraid I got the usual: "Too many users downloading right now. Please try again later or get a PREMIUM-Account".

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    well. whoever did download it, could u say something like.... "wow dude, lame", "interesting", "WTF?" or somethin of the sorts??

    or is this sorta forum not the place for that type of movie?

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    you need to click that link i posted, scroll to the bottom, click the "free" button, scroll down to the bottom again, then wait about 35 seconds for it to allow you to download. That domain has a quick download speed, and i pulled it off with my 2 meg downline in just a few minutes.

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    It finally let me download your video. Looks like you had fun making it. To be honest video game montages aren't really my thing.

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    Not bad, there were some nice kills in there, but maybe next time try to choose some music that you can combine with the action, mayby something with a beat you can time some of the kills with.

    In my opinion what makes a good game movie is the combination of music and action, offen you'll see alot of kills delivered with some hardcore techno music. and then it's not that fun anymore.

    ex. like in this movie I made:
    it's encoded in XviD and about 9MB

    keep in mind it was more or less thrown together

    hope it helped

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    Actually I thought it was really well done.. up until the second song started. Just a bit too long. The whole first song was very well cut I thought. Just shorten it a bit would be my only suggestion.

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    that movie was actually all the same song, except when i threw in the Smashing Pumpkins for about 20 seconds. Thanks for the input! I agree, the song was actually too long, but i was in a slight rush to make it, and had trouble finding a soundtrack.

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