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Thread: IS this a good monitor for video editing???

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    Default IS this a good monitor for video editing???

    Hello people,
    I'm looking to investing in a new monitor, so I could do some editing. Is this a good monitor and if not which should I buy in the 600 price range. I'm interested in buying a widescreen monitor.

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    Yeah that's fine though honestly I'd just go with two 4K screens instead widescreen is totally overrated (for video editing). The TV industry had a similar micro fad about making screeds even wider a few years ago... 2014 I guess? It kind of tanked hard though. In monitors I suspect it has a better chance of success because it's really nice for gamers .
    Or better yet, get a 5K: Second hand one pops in just under 600 here:
    If I convinced you to go for a dual 4K setup these will be a decent choice:
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    Oh wow, thank you for a response. I like your idea but in the same time I really want to get widescreen. In the same time will definitely get a 4k monitor for accurate color.
    Can some one tell me what a the specs that a beginner video editor needs to look at when it comes to choosing a monitor. There are so many to choose from.
    Is response rate important?
    Is HDR important?
    60 Hz, 75 hz or 100hz? And how does that important.
    Read several article's about this kind of things but still confused. Will apprisiate if someone would be able to explain it in easy language for me.

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    Ah a 4K alongside an ultra wide would actually make sense since you can then have a super long timeline on the ultra wide and have the full 4k preview monitor.

    Response rate isn't really important nor are the others. Dynamic range is sort of important though but if you want to go into the really nit picky true colour screens you won't make it on your budget because they cost thousands. Unless you're in the market for those most regular monitors will do, even the dirt cheap ones from unknown brands to be fair.
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