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Thread: Night walk and morning shots above the clouds

  1. Smile Night walk and morning shots above the clouds


    night walk around and in the fog and then morning fly ...

    VIdeo here:


    Thank you for watching

    Life is short let's make it fun and record a video. JP videos

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    I loved both parts. Didn't like the transition between the two. The JP logo coming in seemed a natural end then it started again ... oh no it didn't. Bit weird. Suggest end with the logo unless you're going to tag a significant piece onto it.

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    Hi, the shots of the clouds and the landscapes from above were quite amazing to see and very smooth

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    Sound seems to drop for no reason over a length of 2 seconds at 20 seconds in.
    The orbit at 1:24 goes way too fast and jerky for my taste as does the part right after it where you fly away from the rock formation again.
    The orbit at the end is much better compared to that first one.
    The cats are watching us...

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    Wow I would love to get drone footage like that! The clouds don't damage the drone at all?

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