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Thread: We Quit Our Lives To Travel The World!

  1. Wink We Quit Our Lives To Travel The World!

    We quit our lives to travel the world with our children. It was a difficult decision but so far well worth it. We are 2 months into our travels already. We hope to inspire people to follow their passions with this video. Did we succeed?

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    Some fantastic shots and the editing improves every time.

    I suspect the "follow your dreams"/"big decision" message might sit better with the US middle classes, whereas the rest of the world (OK, I can only speak for some of the UK) might be inclined to think "Yeah, deciding to give up work and travel the world - First World Problems!" and therefore it might encourage feelings of resentment rather than inspiration. I don't know how you overcome that. The "We worked bloody hard for this and now we're reaping the benefits" line might work. Better might be "We were lucky enough to live in a society where we could amass (or inherit) enough to be able to do this".

    "I'm a big rock star" can seem like gloating whereas "This is how I spent seven hours a day practicing and travelled 200 miles every night to play in a tin pot club, believeing in what I do, until eventually my talent was recognised" is inspirational. Even then, the latter is likely to come across as "what a great hero am I".

    If I was in your shoes (and I'd quite like to be) I'd play the "We're really lucky to be in a position to be able to do all this crap and I hope this video gives you [those who aren't in that position] a flavour of some of these places and/or activities".

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    You do have a point. But you can't make everybody happy. Being 2 months into our travels I totally agree with you. Seeing things first hand what is going on in other countries is a real eye opener. Shows us how petty our problems are back in North America. Less stuff more living is what I'm seeing. We are also seeing how other countries are not really dealing with environmental issues and its very concerning as well.

    Thanks for you valuable input as always!

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