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    Here's my latest video, part of an ongoing series celebrating various sights in our neighborhood. On this one I did something a little different for the narration. The images seemed to cry out for a bit of poetry, so that's what I did...hopefully it works.


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    First impressions?
    The opening shot with the brighter sky looked a little cartoonish and the Screaming Lizard image at the end killed it, but the vast majority of the shots looked really fantastic. I loved the font and gold/white of the title - really classy. But spoiled somewhat by red captions. Make them white or the gold/gradient of the opening title. Red is never good apart from bloody titles in spoof horror.
    Music was good for me - though some might have disliked it.
    I didn't like the narration. It felt too hurried for the subject matter and rather sibilant.
    Consider slowing it down a tad and/or trying out other people.

    But, as I said in my opening, most looked really fantastic and I'd love to see more in this ilk.

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    Great piece Ray ! personally, i wouldnt have used that music .. however, it does work with the visuals. i have to agree with tim on the narration.. i believe you've tried to make delivery up beat in line with the positive vibe lyrics and music but it doesnt quite work ..
    id really really like to see a 'making of" video including technique and equipment used ... how about it Ray ?
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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments.

    Maybe when I have a little more experience with these, I might consider doing a 'how to' video.

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