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Thread: First Mixed Culture Wedding Video

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    Recently completed the wedding of Josh and Ashwini - amazing couple. First time filming a mix culture wedding, quite an interesting one.

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    What a fantastic confetti shot! You were both very lucky and skilled to have captured that. The balloon shot later is good also (though more easily controllable).
    One could be picky - the shots of the ceremony itself were stragngely composed (but I suspect you were limited for choice and/or the offical moved after you'd set the shot). The gimbal shots weren't always as silky smooth as you'd have liked but it's still pretty good.
    My dislikes were many of the dissolves - especially when you're dissolving from one image of the couple to another (althoughthe match cuts were OK) and I found the drione away from the couple on the bridge a rather strange shot to have where it was - it should have ended the film? The other thing I found was a bit of a continuity issue - he had his jacket on, then off then on again - that sort of thing.
    But overall I'd have been happy if it was my daughter getting married. Well done.

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