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    Forgive my ignorance on video editing (!) it is possible to edit this video to remove or reduce the shaking (not my camera work!) and improve the brightness/colour?

    If so, can someone point me in the right direction or service I can use.


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    Honestly? I wouldn't hold out much hope. Increase brightness = increased amplification of video noise. If the information isn't there in the fiorst place there's little that can be done with it. There's lots of camera movement rather than shake (where the subject is in roughly the same place) and this can't really be dealt with (you need to imagine cropping in to the image - which results in a loss of resolution). In my experience this is pretty typical of filming primary school productions. Have the subject nicely lit then move to either to somewhere that's silhouetted or behind a bigger kid just when you wnat to film them!

    But fear not. Oscar is clearly very confident and relaxed singing in front of a large audience and, so long as he doesn't decide musical theatre is no longer for him, you will have many, many opportunities in the future.

    If they don't already do it, suggest the school gets in professionals, or even a local amateur club to film and edit (or knowledgeable parents). Even a single camera on a tripod from the back of the hall will be much better than a single camera from within the audience. And they'll capture better sound.

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