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Thread: First Lavalier Microphone.

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    Default First Lavalier Microphone.

    Just started making a few mainly car related videos recently, mainly using a Sony AX53 which is a great camera however is limited in its sound recording, so I purchased a relatively cheap K&F Concept M8 cavalier mic. I have uploaded a fairly basic test of the mic this time coupled to a Canon 5D mk2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djb222 View Post
    K&F Concept M8 cavalier mic.
    But.... what do you use if you are recording cars other than the rather old Vauxhall Cavalier???? Sorry, I'll get my coat.....

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    Quite a heavy noise floor !? Have a play with mic placement. You might be able to get it closer to your mouth and reduce the gain thus lowering the background noise in the quiet passages. But fir 70 maybe expecting too much!?
    A cheap lav mic plugged into a digital recorder or even a smart phone can give good results with a bit of Fettling. It Might not be convenient for your purpose ... guess it depends how far you want to go.

    What's the story with the E type ? Be interested in seeing some footage on your restoration.
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    You will want to check the following as I am no authority on this, but it looks very much to me like frequencies this device operates under fall withing the range of Co-ordinated frequencies in the UK which means you will need a licence and what's more the licence will apply for a limited time in a limited area only.

    Here's the OfCom stuff

    The noise does sound quite high - especially when compared to a coule of other YouTube "tests" of this mic I looked at. However, they were set up in Home/Office type environments which is great for testing in those sort of environments (and measuring background noise) whereas yours is more of a real-world test.

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    For 80 that's not bad but, as Tim has said, check out the frequencies to make sure they are legal. It looks like it has a standard jack plug into the transmitter so you can use other (better) lavaliers as well.

    From the video point of view I would suggest taking a bit more time on getting the camera right and if it looks rubbish when you look at it in the edit suite... Re-shoot!

    A proper test would be with you measuring the distances, instead of saying "it must be about 30 metres" or whatever. Followed by putting various objects, such as a wall, or a door between the transmitter and the receiver.
    Maybe even driving a car slowly past the camera, things like that.

    But thanks for sharing.

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