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Thread: The Ravine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapes View Post
    Looking forward to it

    I suddenly notice that you start a second tune around 3:07 and that suddenly stops at "This silted pool". I would probably like it better when it continues into his next part of the story.d
    Yes you are right. I noticed this after coming back to the edit after a few days. It will be sorted in the next edit.
    So no massif difference in audio levels through your speakers ?
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    Thanks for the insight, enc. It's always interesting to get a biit of background.
    A big thumbs up for the hand-held work. I'd assumed it was slider

    In my opinion, you absolutely must keep in the brief background info about Leverhulme & Pulham, but I think more in the way of cutaways (perhaps with captions for their names) would help. On first viewing I took in who Lever was as, having worked for a Unilever company for 10 years last century (!) I was aware of him, but a later mention of Pulham caught me out and I had to rewind to see whether yu'd introduced him earlier. It hadn't sunk in and this will mostly be due to my decreasing capacuty to take information onboard, but partly due to lack of visuals reinforcing the narrative.

    I did wonder whether you had a map. Always a useful asset to give location, scane and basc geography.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    So no massif difference in audio levels through your speakers ?
    Nope or not in a degree that it bothered me.
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