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Thread: why is a video bigger than when i downloaded it?

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    Default why is a video bigger than when i downloaded it?

    I download a video from youtube.
    it says it downloads it at MP4 720, whatever that means.
    then i put it into the software and save it again and it ends up 3 times the size!

    Treadmill Walks Virtual Scenery of Bali -Tropical Scenery, for Treadmill and Cycling Workout.mp4 is the file

    is the link in youtube 262,384 kb

    what setting should i use in the videomaking software?
    thanks all

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    Without going into explanations, try to find a profile with the following settings:
    •VBR 2 pass, target bitrate 6 kbps maximum 12 kbps
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    Just download at 360P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicola.zordan View Post
    Just download at 360P.
    Although that would make the downloaded file smaller it is not a solution for the OP. His/her issue lies in the fact that he edits the downloaded file and the file created upon export by his/her editing software is larger than the initial file.
    Also downloading at 360p reduces the quality significantly.

    As a side note I feel it might be good to point out that it breaches YouTube's Terms of Service* when you download YouTube media content. This is very clearly stated in paragraph 5. "General restrictions on use":

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