Dunno if this is the right place to post this but guess this is a tip on getting a new gear so I chose this topic.


This is a VIdeo Making Contest where we have to make a video about our 'process'.

I tend to suffer a lot when making my creations but not many people focus on my process.

Majority of people tend to care only about the result.

So a contest based on focusing on the process of creators seemed like a good purpose.

Prizes are big but there are only 3 participants so I was going to keep this contest to myself at first.

However, since this contest is based on a good purpose, I thought why don't I share this with others who are like me?

And wanted to know how others' 'process' are like.

You know, do you suffer just like me? or are you happy all the time behind your monitor.

Anyways, hope I can get to know your processes.

Oh, don't forget to watch mine if you do participate!