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Thread: Weekend in Poole

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    Default Weekend in Poole

    Week end in Pool UK very windy

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    Hi Jack and welcome. Thanks for posting. As you've posted in this section I'm assuming you've read the "rules"and are open to some constructive criticism.

    It's a while since we've had a video like this here, either they're pretty professional or pretty dreadful and this is neither, so it gives plenty of scope for dicussion.

    You've done a great job with the camerawork in most of this - resonably steady (given the circumstances) and well composed. Suitable chioice of music (a surf version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" amusied me for some reason).

    Whilst I can apreciate the desire to include as much footage as possible (and this is probably the righ thing to do for the guy involved) unless the piece tells a story or takes the viewer on a journey, or new things are constantly introduced, 90secs to 2mins is probably the length you should be looking for for a video such as this.
    The good news is that this means you can concentrate on including only the very best shots and lose those that are less than perfect: some are just too close and consequently too shaky, some are not level ("sea on a slope"), some have focus issues and some have a dirty lens. It also means you can reduce the number of similar shots. This somethimes has to be done even when all the shots are fantastic (often referred to as "killing our babies")

    It's all rather lacking in contrast and vibrancey - something you may be able to improve with effects in post such as colour curves, hue/saturation/contrast, levels or brightness and contrast (there's a worlds of tweaks you can apply - just avoid fancy "special" effects for the sake of it). What was rather striking was a section towards the end where the images were all rather grey, but we had a few bright colours from some of the sails - it almost looked ike a special effect)

    Anyway, if you just want your "snapshots" of the guy on the water what you hae is fine, if you want to improve your video making, I hope my comments help a little.

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    Only do videos as a pastime I like a tripod but it was such a windy day had to video through side of the car and I don't like that.
    Will try and rectify all your comments

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    Yep, make it shorter and make the color or something more attractive. The length of the first song would have been plenty. You could have cut the video to follow the music in some way.

    That was an interesting and appropriate version of Reaper to use, but the mix was poor, lacking in bass etc. The second song was just the opposite, overwhelming bass. Problems in the LF are common in videos with audio produced on small speakers. Most common is booming plosives on spoken word bits, but poor music mixing is another common deficiency.

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