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Thread: The "Fountains" of Noah's Flood

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    Default The "Fountains" of Noah's Flood

    NOTE: This is an updated video version from my initial submission

    This is a short (01:45) composite animation I made for my Bible website to help my site visitors better visualize a model for the "fountains" and how they generated the great rains for Noah's Flood.

    BTW, in the process of making this, I learned the hard way that it is impossible to successfully rotoscope a "geyser" but you can lift one from a good piece of video using Mocha to create the necessary pre-keyed footage, multiple 'ultra keys' in Premiere Pro and a few matt overlays, here and there.

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    Production note: After making the initial version, I found myself doing at least four composite and grading changes to improve the dramatic flow. I also did a few color adjustments to selected scenes and inserted an additional smaller geyser to serve as a garbage matte in the 'wall of geysers' composite. One of my main limitations was that I mostly only had .mpg compressed files to work with which made compositing depth somewhat difficult and the 'pixilation squares' in the keying were a constant pain in the butt to hide.

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