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Thread: My finale to the Biography of Joseph Smith Jr. (Biographical Documentary)

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    Default My finale to the Biography of Joseph Smith Jr. (Biographical Documentary)

    The Biography of Joseph Smith Jr. (War and Hate ep. 4)

    Joseph Smith Jr. is a fascinating character who has been up to all sorts of shenanigans. He made his own religion, had his own county, his own city, his own bank, and his own money. He also married over 30 women, some of which were already married, and some of which were just teenagers. He even had his own legion of troops a third of the size of the entire US army at that time. He even escaped from prison three times, with the third time only getting as far as out of the window.

    Let me know what you think of my latest attempt and a biographical documentary.

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    I checked the first minute or so, it looks good enough to spend half an hour watching if I was interested in the topic. The sound is clear your articulation understandable and your voice pleasant enough to listen to. There's enough movement in the stills to make it visually attractive and you did a nice job composing the scenes.

    Improvement possibilities:
    •Typography: I didn't like the font you selected for the titles and I wouldn't use an outline for these titles either.
    •Intro: Aside from the title font I think it would have been better with less movement in this case. You move both the title and the background in more or less the same direction and I think it might be better for example if you only moved the images not the titles. Another point is that there's a lot of empty space, especially in the first scene with his head. It might have been nice to have a big image of his face on one side of the screen and your title on the other side.
    A bit like this:
    •Keywords: you might want to use some keywords during the video as well to help convey your message. For example dates etc.

    There's probably more to work on but you got to start somewhere
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