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    Lightbulb video on dvd

    how does the companies burn their videos on CD and DVD, which software do they use to encode and burn?

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    They probably use custom written software that's able to control the production lines that are capable of pumping out hundreds or thousands or cd's per second. I doubt they'll use consumer grade software.
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    If you're talking about major film distributors (or those acting for them), I understand they do not "burn" but "press" DVDs (and presumably CDs, BluRays) from an authored master.
    For much smaller quantities (ie the sort I produce) of 40-150, I send out to a duplication house who do burn the DVDs using exactly the same sort of process consumers might use (although they use machines that can burn many DVDs at a time)
    Anything smaller than that I produce them myself. I use DVD Architect to author the DVDs. It has served me well untill last week when I had major issues creating a Bluray using the same process I've used many times before - ended up wiping (not just refreshing, but a total re-install) my Windows 10 PC.

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