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Thread: Imagine - Coffee/Workshop Edit

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    Cool Imagine - Coffee/Workshop Edit

    Hello , our first edit of this type of videos
    we need your feedback guys ♥

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    What kind of video is this? What's its purpose?
    The cuts are quick and clean to the beat. Mind you if you keep switching scenes every beat it'll become a bit weird. The colours are a bit off if you ask me. Especially the outside at the start seems vague and dark but the rest as well. Still not too bad all in all.
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    To be honest I had a touch of motion sickness. I thought (most of) the camera moves were too fast and were wobbly. The camera went off axis several times and was particularly bad at the end.
    To me it felt rather like someone's first (not very successful) attempts with a stabiliser. Great if you're learning, not so great if you're trying to advertise your work.

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