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    Hey guys, longtime lurker, here posting my first video after months of research on these forums and youtube. Hope you like welcome all advice and comments

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    Well done, invest in a gimbal if you want to shoot for a broader public.
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    Very nice. Any longer would have been too much. Agree with Grapes about a gimbal. In one or two shots the camera went back on itself (eg moved right and then left again) - unless following a subject this is a big no in my book as it interrupts the forward momentum of the journey.

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    Not to sound like I'm focused on the negative but this is a place for feedback: the shots are nice and the editing is nice, but I'm not sure I understand what I'm watching. Feels like a collection of mostly unrelated shots and themes. I was confused by various things, like the title of the piece suggests is a travel video, but the description suggests it is also about someone, then the video has assorted takes of downtown and stays there for a while, but then it goes into the female subject and kind of stays there for another while. So is it both a homage to downtown Chicago and also a tribute to a special someone?

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    Thanks guys, I'll work on steadying the shots.
    And jochicago, the story I had in my mind was synced to the song. A rather depressing rainy morning that gives way to clear skies and sun. And I just wanted to capture some of the highlights of Chicago along the way.

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