Hello everybody

I work in graphic design/photography for a small family business (artist materials and brushes) and they have asked me to start doing some short film promotions for the business.
I am totally new to video/film and I have been dropped in the deep end, hence me coming here. I know I am out of my depth on this forum, but I would be very grateful for any advice. I don't really have a choice.

I currently use a Canon 5d2 and 6d2 and have several lenses,etc.. (50mm, 24-105mm, 100mm, 70-300mm) My question is.... is this kit suitable to shoot basic short basic films?
I am trying to make do with the kit we have, but I have been given a budget to buy some extra equipment. Ideally it would be nice to use the same camera's for both photos and film, then I can use all the lenses and buy other kit I may need like sound, lighting gear, gimbal, etc..

What gear would you recommend to go with the 6d2? In terms of sound, gimbal, lenses, lighting gear..etc. The promo films will be indoor and outdoors and my budget is £2K

I was looking at the Dracast LED500 S-Series Bi-Color 3-Light Kit for lighting? Would this be any good? advice on LED or tungsten etc?

If the 6d2 is not suitable what entry range film cameras would you advise?

Also does anybody know that offers onsite film/video training in the North of England?

Any recommended reading?

I use Adobe creative suit, so software is not a problem.

I know this sounds a bit mental, but I've been dropped in it here.

Thanks for your time.