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    Unhappy Video Judder


    I've been trying to capture some old family tapes that were captured on digital 8mm tape.
    I'm trying to capture the video and audio as an MP4, so my setup is:

    Camera AV Composite Out > SCART > Scart to HDMI converter > HDMI recorder > USB stick

    The Scart to HDMI converter arrived today, and I plugged it straight into the TV to give it a try, but I hit a problem. When I enter camera mode, everything is fine. When I'm in the menu of playback, everything is fine. But when I hit play, the video that comes through is extremely judddery. Even opening the menus on top judder along with the picture. When I stop the video, the picture goes back to non-juddery.

    I've tried both the 720p and 1080p outputs on the Scart to HDMI converter, and pushing the picture through an AV receiver box. I've tried different HDMI cables. Nothing's worked so far. I recorded a bit of this wedding tape so you can see what I mean. If anyone can help, that would be amazing. Thanks!

    Samsung VP-L500 PAL
    Tapes: TDK 8mm HS90 8
    Scart to HDMI converter:

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    Odd that... mostly reminds me of magnetic interference... have you tried contacting the manufacturer?
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    Which one? The manufacturer of the converter, the tapes or the camera?

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    Well I assumed the tapes and camera play back correct so I thought the converter but if you haven't checked the other two yet you might want to start trying to play it back in a different player than your own camera. Maybe the tape's just buggered?
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