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Thread: which prog for 4k and mpeg editing ?

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    Default which prog for 4k and mpeg editing ?

    I have mpeg files (.mpg when viewed in win explorer) created by VideoReDo and need to edit them.
    Also I have 4k files from a Sony AX100E I need to edit.
    One prog for both is my aim, bad enough finding time to learn one let alone two.

    so far I have been told of Magix, DaVinci Resolve, Power Editor, Womble.

    I have win7 64bit pro, 32Gb ram GTX970 16gb ram, i7-4790 3.6GHz eizo video monitor.

    so which one is intuitive, stable, not likely to reject my files ( I see a poster get told audio rejection by resolve is source of mpeg specific )

    stills capture without altering shape of video (circles to remain circles) and scrubbing fwd and backward frame by frame, multitracks for both vid and audio,

    exposure adjustment I will need. Green screen ability would be great in time.


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    Is nobody able to help me on this after 4 months ?


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    Hi Merlin, thanks for bumping your post, it must've been snowed under before anyone could notice it.

    The usual recommendation is HitFilm Express.

    If you're serious about editing and want to learn a program that will see you safe for the foreseeable future you might want to do Resolve as well though I think the free version might have some limitations and the learning curve is a bit steep probably.
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    True but cost wise HitFilm and Resolve are much more sensible.
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    Not everyone is "in our industry". Besides clients don't pay us for our NLE, they only pay for the results and preferably at no cost at all and if at all possible finished two weeks ago. You have met clients before right?
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    I think you're missing the point really. But good for you that your clients don't ask you to press the magic button that creates their video yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelsvideo View Post
    No, I am right there. If clients want something you put a price tag on that and that is it. It means that you do not care about that expenses. Clients want their video asap, cheap and with lots of corrections, and it is up to you how you treat them. Clients are crazy and they DO ask to push tons of magic buttons, they ask you to do some things that you cant even imagine, like "can you shoot that someones shot me dead - he wants. insurance"

    Anyway, nice to virtually meet you, we are in the same boat, sorry to be a bit stressed (holidays, booze, dubies, paprties). Need more coffee. Cheers. See your posts all around )))
    Yep put it like that you're right, the client pays for the tools we use to get them their video. And in regards to Premiere, I can't deny that it's good since I've been using it for forever, though in the end most NLE's more or less get you the same end results.

    Likewise, thanks for putting it in perspective . Enjoy the coffee!
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    I decided to trial three,
    Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum, DaVinci Resolve 16 and Power Director 17 ultra

    Its now become the first two as PD17ultra works Bottom Up in the layer order, that track which sits on top of another track is in fact hidden in playback, I cant swicth my brain around to get used to that when I use other graphics progs that work top down and unless there is a way of altering that, thats game over for me...

    DaVinci not saving projects as others do to a place of my choice is a pain.


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