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Thread: I want to go pro webcam model

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    Hi guys. I am back. I have thinking about the tv option but it is not good for me because I am not looking direct to the camera. For my shoots I think it is better to look at the camera or make it look like I am looking at the viewer. I think I have to look for a flip screen cheep camera to practice.

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    Since I last posted I picked up a Panasonic HC-V750 used. It's a very nice camcorder with the best low-light capability I could find in that price range. The HC-V770 is the current model, and I'm looking for another good one used. Its quality is very good for the price, and the move to 4k is pushing those prices down. If you need low-light capability, and that can simply mean indoors without supplemental lighting, you'll want something with a larger sensor like these models IME/IMO.

    DSLRs or mirrorless cameras (like the Sony models I have) may or may not have a flip(-out) screen. My old NEX-3n does, but the newer a6000 does not. In addition, without some way to disable the screen being on 100% of the time for video shoots, you'll find their recording time is limited - either by firmware (Sony limits it to about 1/2 hour), battery consumption or they may overheat and shutdown! (I've resorted to putting a piece of gaffer tape over the eyepiece of the a6000 model - makes it "think" the viewfinder is in use, so shuts off the screen.)

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