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    I enjoyed the video, beautifully shot. I particularly like the use of time lapse which for me worked well in the video. Was this the time lapse feature on a gimbal?

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    Very cool. I'll probably never step up to 4k but this sure makes it obvious what it adds. Nice work.

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    Even if I had the skills I don't think i'd have the patience for all that hyper-lapse stuff! Well done, looked great and you managed to vary the types of shot, camera movement etc to hold my interest.

    The only place it didn't work for me was 30-58 sec. Every shot is the same length, cut on the heavy drum beat. This quickly becomes predictable and detracts. What you've done is fine for short periods (maybe three repeats) - especially where it leads into the quicker beats/cuts , but I'd rather have seen a few shots left for longer (say for two heavy beats) and some cut on the off beat to keep me on my toes. Then again, it's a personal thing and others may love it as it is.

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    Beautiful video. Love the sound effects, transitions, and the time lapses. Got me excited to as we'll be in Florence in 2 weeks. Can't wait!

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