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Thread: A quick learning kid with an obscene amount of free time.

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    Default A quick learning kid with an obscene amount of free time.

    Hey. My name is May and I'm a 19 year old teenage boy who doesn't do much. As one might expect, I spend quite a lot of time watching Twitch streamers or YouTube content creators. Recently, I've come up with the idea of compiling clips from one of the streamers I watch and creating content for him to upload to YouTube. However, I have never in my life attempted to edit video and have no idea what I'm doing. Coming from a background of zero experience, I would like to learn how to edit video and audio. I am willing to do voice calls and screen share if and when necessary. Any advice would be helpful


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    Well since you sound like you have plenty of spare time. Grab yourself a free editor like HitFilm Express or a trial of Premiere Pro or something and go for the basic tutorials that gives you at least an idea how everything works.

    Next thing would be mostly practice but there's always a few common pitfalls for new editors. One I encounter a lot and often have fallen in myself is going overboard with effects, cross-fades and other gimmicks to piece two parts together. To avoid that just stick with basic "hard" cuts. Cross fades and the like will probably come naturally when the footage really calls for it.
    Another thing that you want to keep in mind is to place your cuts to the beat of the audio you're using. Don't make it too repetitive but sticking to the beat is an absolute must.

    With this info you should be able to start having some fun. Just see where it leads you and share the results here so we can steer you from there.
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    Yup, HitFilm Express all the way! Have an open mind to learn the ins and outs of editing, then you may very well be a very skilled editor after a while.

    By the way, just in case anyone’s interested, my sister Tandy is selling a few Niche Wheels. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelsvideo View Post
    Hey 19 years old fellow. It is good you uphere asking that question.

    HitFilm sucks, Get into premiere, and download full adobe family
    angelsvideo, you are welcome here and you are welcome to post your opinion, but I cannot let it go unchalleneged. Posting "this sucks" and "Adobe is great" is meaningless and totally unhelpful without psoting something tangible (even if it's only subjective) to back it up. Personally I cannot get on with Premiere - I dislike the Adobe interface with it confusing array of floating panels so for me, it sucks, but I certainly wouldn't dream of saying it sucks as clearly plenty of people work fine with it.

    Furthermore, encourage people to use torrented version of software again and you'll be banned. Your assertion that the folks at Adobe don't care if you use torrent versions so long as you don't make money are totally incorrect otherwise they wouldn't charge schools and colleges for licences.

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    RE: Cracked software

    There's tons of free options. If you don't want to pay for one just use a free one. Some are amazing.

    Cracking software is stealing. You are taking something of value that people worked hard to make, and continue to work hard to improve and maintain. When you don't pay your fair share you are taking away the livelihood of those people, and hurting the quality of the software we use. If the developers are not making money they have no incentive to continue to innovate, fix bugs, maintain compatibility, etc.

    Most cracked software has aggressive malware on it. There is a strong market for computer-control malware that go as deep as the dark side of some governments. They want to control your computer, use it to spam, steal your personal info to use it against you, steal other people's info using your PC, use your PC as a pawn in attacks like DDS. It's been heavily on the rise. I used to read about it, now I know multiple people that have suffered and had to reinstall their PC or worse. You absolutely don't want to be caught in that stuff or be a part of it in any way - it's just not worth it. And you can't trust an antivirus to protect you. There's not a single antivirus on the market that offers even 90% protection, many of even the big brands are entirely defenseless against 0-day malware.

    So: don't ever download something cracked. Use free versions, or buy a discounted or second-hand license, or don't bother.

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    Stealing is not good, maybe it's worth finding something both quality and cheap? I remember, I started editing videos with this programm It was not so long ago though I didn't need much of functions, just croping and stabilizing clips. The function of fixing the quality is also useful.

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