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Thread: A quick learning kid with an obscene amount of free time.

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    Default A quick learning kid with an obscene amount of free time.

    Hey. My name is May and I'm a 19 year old teenage boy who doesn't do much. As one might expect, I spend quite a lot of time watching Twitch streamers or YouTube content creators. Recently, I've come up with the idea of compiling clips from one of the streamers I watch and creating content for him to upload to YouTube. However, I have never in my life attempted to edit video and have no idea what I'm doing. Coming from a background of zero experience, I would like to learn how to edit video and audio. I am willing to do voice calls and screen share if and when necessary. Any advice would be helpful


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    Well since you sound like you have plenty of spare time. Grab yourself a free editor like HitFilm Express or a trial of Premiere Pro or something and go for the basic tutorials that gives you at least an idea how everything works.

    Next thing would be mostly practice but there's always a few common pitfalls for new editors. One I encounter a lot and often have fallen in myself is going overboard with effects, cross-fades and other gimmicks to piece two parts together. To avoid that just stick with basic "hard" cuts. Cross fades and the like will probably come naturally when the footage really calls for it.
    Another thing that you want to keep in mind is to place your cuts to the beat of the audio you're using. Don't make it too repetitive but sticking to the beat is an absolute must.

    With this info you should be able to start having some fun. Just see where it leads you and share the results here so we can steer you from there.
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    Yup, HitFilm Express all the way! Have an open mind to learn the ins and outs of editing, then you may very well be a very skilled editor after a while.

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