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    After much testing Ive determined my Iphone7 is the weak spot of my videos
    I thought for sure my PC was too slow or needed some ram. The videos look ok in preview but when you render them they are a little choppy
    I posted a thread in Feb and it seems the iphone7 is not a good camera for motion or panning
    the drone footage and gopro footage doesnt chop when rendered
    they are all set to 30 fps Ive checked all settings and formats

    the only time it chops is when panning with the phone

    I need to buy a camera similar to gopro quality without the fisheye lense
    any suggestions?

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    What is your budget? What will you use it for? Why don't you simply remove the barrel distortion from the GoPro footage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRUSH311 View Post
    I need to buy a camera similar to gopro quality without the fisheye lense
    any suggestions?
    Not to be difficult, but the iPhone 7. None of these cameras are good by modern standards. You are looking at compromise cameras with tiny sensor/lenses for portability. The Gopro is not better than the iPhone 7. Maybe it pans better, the iPhone has a stronger chip and will have things like better color processing. Its a wash. Maybe experiment with a video app for the phone that lets you control the camera better with manual settings, this might let you fix the choppiness.

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    check the auto stabilizer is disabled when panning. if stabilizer is on it will make your panning look jerky after rendering.
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