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    We had to find an interesting way to get drone shots in the video because it is illegal in Canada to fly drones in national parks. Huge fines if you get caught. See if you can figure out how we got these shots. Plus how's the story? I think I need to improve on my story telling.

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    My favourite so far. Music not too intrusive. A good balance between scenery shots, family moments and information. I'd like more in terms of the information about the places you're visiting but I'm not sure if this might make the style a bit more formulaic than the unique style you are beginning to develop.
    There were a couple of amusing demonstrations of the differences between adults and kids outlook:"Why do you want to go, it's beautiful here" - your daughter clearly isn't interested in that and your wife telling them they think the helicopter ride gets 10/10 because of the scenery. We can't stop telling kids what they ought to think, eh?

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    Thank you. I always appreciate you reviews. I do love how kids think differently than adults. They seem to have the right idea most of the time.

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