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Thread: Crop/Pan Window will not open

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    Default Crop/Pan Window will not open

    So Im using Vegas Movie Studio 15 and its been fine until a few days ago... I was editing a video just fine until the Pan/Crop window refused to open. ive tried restarting the software, opening a new project, restarting my laptop but that doesn't work. it also isn't docked anywhere. if anyone knows any way to fix this, it would be a great help

    Thanks in advance

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    When I've had this problem in the pastit's because I've managed to drag the P&C window off the visible screen.
    You can try resetting to the default layout (View | Layouts) but I'm not that'll work.
    What i found works - change the screen resolution of your laptop to something (anything) else. Start Vegas. You can now probably see the window. Close Vegas, reset the laptop screen resolution and you should be good to go.

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    The window may​ be hiding under the taskbar. Move the taskbar temporarily and see if you can find a part of the window there and drag it back to the display. If that or the advice above do not help, try resetting to default settings.

    edit: in case you have the basic version (not the Platinum) of Movie Studio 15, note that it cannot be customized and does not have recallable window layouts. You need to reset to default settings to get back to Default Layout.
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    Thanks. Turns out this was the problem. Frankly, i didnt know you could move the taskbar in windows 10. thanks again for the help.

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