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Thread: iceland aerial experience - encourage people to be respectful

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    Default iceland aerial experience - encourage people to be respectful

    With this video i tried to show the beauty of iceland with strong aerial shots, but also encourage people to be respectful with it. I saw many people there, not thinking about the damage they make.

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    great views and music, voice over was clear aswell

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    If I'm honest this is really just a collection of good shots of the stunning scenery. The narration worked against it for me. The intro was OK (though I'd have avoided repeating the word "world" in the opening sentence - eg "Sometimes, you have to look from above to truly understand the beauty of our world"), and I liked the "sit back and relax...", even the "one of the last places on earth" but where it fell down for me was the "and it's up to each of us to preserve that".

    This is a pet peeve of mine a "we've got to do something about it" without a call to action, or even a description of what the problems are.

    I really thought at that point you were going to cut to your "plastics in the ocean" or "industrial waste" shots, or (less effective) list a few examples of or problems caused by man abusing the planet in your narration, but you didn't.

    It's a shame as you have matched the music to the scenery and narration very well and I'm sure with the right shots this could have been a very powerful message.

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    thank your for your honest opinion! you are very true and i would have loved to go more into this direction. right now its more like a "normal" aerial video which should leave the viewer with beautiful images of iceland but also with a little message, to think about. I will for sure try to give a "call of action" with one of my next videos

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    I'm agreeing with Tim and yes there's really something there you should just really drive the point home.

    Also the reason you seen a lot of people wreaking havoc on that beautiful piece of nature is because you've went in summer judging by your shots. In summer the island is overrun with more tourists than actual inhabitants and personally I always have the following stereotype in mind when I talk about tourists:

    I hope to get the opportunity to visit Iceland again this time with a drone like you but I'll avoid the high season like the plague
    Any tips on scraping together the money to go there are much appreciated
    The cats are watching us...

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