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Thread: Where are Magic Bullet presets?

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    Default Where are Magic Bullet presets?

    Hi. Trying out the demo for Magic Bullet Look Suite for Premiere 1.5 (supposedly fully working apart from watermark during export) but I can't locate where the '55 film presets' are. It seems to be installed correctly, and the Magic Bullet folder is in the effects tab, but when I drag the 'Look Suite' effect onto some footage... but only a very basic list of choices come up - no sign of any presets. What gives? I've searched this site for similar topics but there don't seem to be many answers for it..
    Please help!

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    The full working version has a complete list of presets below all the effects folders.

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    Ok, thanks. Although the demo claims to be a 'fully working version', the only difference being that you get a watermark during export. There are also similar questions about it on this forum but that don't really get any solid answers which is why I'm thinking something's gone a bit wrong... somewhere...

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    Default the way, can i know where i can download that effect ?

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