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    Question Best Video Editing Laptop

    Hello all,

    I wanted some help in finding best video editing laptops under $1500. I did some research about MacBook Pro which were not much of an help. Since I this is my first investment on a video editing machine. I need help in finding the best one under budget. If anyone can give an insight about comparison between 2015, 2016 and 2017 Macbook Pro and is it worth buying an older version and get good amount of render times for video post-processing? is there a difference between newer 8gb ram v/s older 16gb ram and does it matter if I buy a 13" MacBook Pro v/s 15"?

    Hope to get a satisfactory answers from everyone.

    Thank you,
    Amruth Halematha

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    Laptops in general are notoriously underpowered for tasks like this. With video editing you also want to have a large screen which is another thing laptops are generally not known for. Not sure why you'd want to spend extra money to get a MacBook either. When you're on a budget I'd imagine you'd want as much bang for your buck as possible and anything from Apple will cost you more than it's worth really. Don't get me wrong they got (some)good hardware but at premium prices, which is fine if money isn't of any concern of course.

    •If you will be doing video editing professionally or semi professionally or if you want to work in 4K you should get yourself a desktop workstation instead. If you're smart and a bit tech savvy you'll want to build your own machine. Otherwise you can go for either a mac or pc as long as it says workstation on the tin. (gamestations are not the same as workstations and if you must for some reason go for apple you will have to find a second hand Mac Pro)
    •If you're just messing about it really doesn't matter much which laptop you choose. In any case I'd still go for the biggest screen possible. Don't expect too much of 4K editing on a laptop.
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    Hi Amruth,

    I have used iMove on Mac Pro 2011 works great but as Grapes said it is difficult on a small screen. Not sure what software you will use but might have an impact on how well it will work depending on your computer specs. Not sure if this is useful but I used to us 3ds Max a lot on a really low grade computer and took forever to load. I agree with Grapes with going to a website that custom builds towers like chillblast or build one.


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