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    Well Friday evening has now been and gone, and on early viewing I have captured what I needed to, ie footage of the play.

    It wasn't really a pleasant experience - roasting hot school, hall, very little space to work in with people asking me to move the tripod and make it smaller, lighting (as Tim mentioned) was awful and very varied, heads in the audience popping up and getting in the way............
    I used my D800 and a Sony Handycam that the school already had. Not looked at this footage yet, and also used my GoPro to film the 'Tech guys' on the lights and sounds and the children leaving the hall after the performance.

    Over the next couple of weeks I will have a go at editing, also a new venture for me, and will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for the help, some of the advice proved invaluable.

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    Good luck. Enjoy the experience.

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