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Thread: Best Wedding Filmmakers Kit - Mavic, A7SII, Crane plus

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    Default Best Wedding Filmmakers Kit - Mavic, A7SII, Crane plus

    Recently shot a wedding with the Mavic and A7SII balanced on Zhiyun Crane Plus as a combo. What do we think? Feedback welcome

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    To be honest - i am quite a bit disappointed with the low light performance you got there. I would have never guessed that it was shot with the a7S II the way it looked.

    Firstly, let me say that i am NOT trying to critique here - i just want to understand what happened and what lenses, camera settings and export settings you used, because with the a7S II your quality should have been much, MUCH better then what you had in this video.
    There was just so much noise that is not characteristic to the a7S II if used with proper lenses and settings.

    You can search on YouTube some a7s II low light video tests where it was used almost in pitch black situations (there is one video on a beach - completely dark, but the footage looks amazing), another one in almost completely dark streets and the footage is insanely clean.
    Actually, i will post you the links here, check them out.

    This is what you should expect from the camera. Your footage was incredibly noisy in comparison.

    1. What lenses did you use?
    2. On what aperture did you shoot the low light stuff and in general?
    3. What ISO did you use?
    4. Did you shoot HD or 4K?
    5. What export settings did you have?

    Lets start with this and try to figure out what went wrong.

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