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Thread: Feedback on my Monopoly road trip

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    Default Feedback on my Monopoly road trip

    Hey guys 2 weeks ago i posted this video:
    about me and my girls on a monopoly road trip through Holland!! im planning on making a series out of it, so i was wondering if u had any feedback or critisism?
    on the filming/sound/editing?

    x K.O

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    OK I bailed out about halfway through.
    I think this is a great concept.
    Personally I hate the over camp style of presentation, but I recognise it's very popular and I think your prsentation style is very good. You engage the camera and therefore the audience. The two sidekick babes is a good idea as it means the homophobic straight audience can watch without feeling too uncomfortable

    You definitely need to up your game on the video front though.
    1. Composition. Frame yourselves properly. Learn about (and choose to ignore for stylistic reasons rather than though ignorance) the rule of thirds. Your heads are too high in the frame in the three shots at the beginning.
    2. Audio. Don't use an on-camera mic. Note the difference between the three shots and the solo shots at the beginning. The three shots had way too much background noise because the camera mic was further away. Getting a cheap mic close to the source is far better than getting an expensive (ie 100s of times more expensive) at a distance. Grab yourself a tie clip mic and either plug that into the camera or get a cheap digital recorder. This will make the biggest single difference to your videos.
    3. Avoid fast pans like the first shot proper from the film. We can't take any of that in. By all means use really gast pans (whip pans) to transition between shots, but what we have here is a second or two where we cannot make our what's on the screen.
    4. Keep on subject. The reason I bailed halfway is you'd lost focus. It ceased to be about visiting the Monopoly streets (fair enough) but it wasn't as giving us any insight into you or your companions.

    The into was poor. As a director/editor, it is up to you to guide us as to what we're meant to look at. Here we had lost of black background and some seemingly random images on top, place in a random and (to me) unartistic manner.
    Then it stops and goes to black, like I imagine it's over.
    Then repeats. .... What is that all about??

    But .... the concept has legs and your presentation style is good, even if not to my taste. Please don't waste the concept. Visit these places and tell us something aboyut them (or do something at each of them).

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