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Thread: Unable to get YT links to work

  1. Default Unable to get YT links to work

    I regularly put videos on You Tube as Ďunlistedí then send by Gmail the interested parties the YT links so they can view. On my latest upload, Iíve had a report from one person who tells me the link doesnít work. I copied the link again and resent Ė he still canít get it to work. I did this a third time with no luck. I then sent the same link to a friend of mine who also reported it failed. I occurred to me that my friend uses an Apple computer. I then sent my friend the same link but this time used Windows Live Mail and he opened the link with no problem. My logic seems to tell me that Apple machines donít like YT link sent by Gmail. Iím now contacting my original contact to see if he uses an Apple machine.

    Can anyone explain why it appears that an Apple machine doesnít appear to like YT links sent by Gmail?
    Thanks. Wynn.

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    It's probably something else though...
    I'm inclined to write it off as human error. I've mailed a lot of youtube links through gmail to friends with apples and the only time I can recall that it didn't work was when I shared a link before I pressed the "done" button in youtube.
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    Thanks for your reply Grapes. Yes, I will accept human error. Except several others have had no problem at all. Must be my age I suppose!

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