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Thread: Beautiful Beach, Monkeys, and Sailing

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    Another video of a beautiful place. Not sure how I did on this one. I give it an "it was ok", maybe I'm being hard on myself. I almost lost my drone on this one, crashed in on the sail boat and it landed 2 feet from the edge and falling into the ocean. Got lucky.

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    I think you did a real nice job on it and I am seriously jealous of this vacation!

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    Thank you. Yes it was an amazing vacation. We will be quitting our jobs and travelling the world in September but we won't be able to afford the places we stayed in Costa Rica that's for sure.

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    I felt more drawn into this one than some of your others for some reason. The music was less intrusive and in the main complemented rather than distracted from the video content. I always enjoy your comments and appreciate that you use them sparsely and thus avoid the risk of them becoming a bit tedious.
    I did think there were a few shots which were definitely of a lesser quality and could have been left out (I don't mean the low light shots). They were more pronounced because there were so many good shots. But mainly i enjoyed the variety of shots - little things like looking down on your feet over the side of the boat all add to the feeling of us joining you on a family jaunt.
    My main gripe was the number of shots where the horizon was not level. This could easily be fixed in post. I didn't notice the horizon in the shots at 3:04 and 3:14 though for some reason.

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    As always thank you for your in depth anaylysis. I didn't notice the horizon shots, but now that you mentioned it, its bothers me too lol. My gimal was off I guess, will have to watch for that in future filming.

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