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Thread: how to make "old video" film effect

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    Default how to make "old video" film effect

    hi all..i want to ask
    how to make an old video effect on premiere ? i'am using Adobe Premier 7.0
    thank's before....

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    go into video effects>noise

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    uhmm...can you explain me a more detail ? .....
    old movie >> sephia...and then a lot of noise....etc..

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    There is a very believable effect in Windows Movie Maker which you just have to drop onto the clip. It makes it look authentically old.

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    Yeah, that's about all Windows Movie Maker is good for.

    Otherwise you'd have to just mess around with it in Premiere.

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    but i don't want to use Windows Movie Maker...
    he he he

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    Try the "magic bullet" plugin for premiere (look suite). It's amazing!

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    But ye gods it takes an age to render!

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    Default check this out

    If you want it in a jiffy, then you can try using the following plug-in:

    But if you want to create it yourself, then you'll need photoshop to create some of the elements you see in an old film (i.e., burned edges, streaks, splotches). I would suggest though, that you work with after effects to make the tweaking faster and more flexible.

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