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Thread: Im interested to your proposals to enhance my comedy videos

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    Hit the hay would actually be kinda funny, since its a horse and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisIsMichael View Post
    All's well.

    Would you be so kind to watching the video again? I have added a subtitle and would like to ask you if it is right?
    I think, that is not a normal subtitle... Here comes the text:

    "Who the sam hill is this crazy guy?
    It is not an attraction, it's just a normal horse!
    He seems to to be well-oiled...
    Yes, he has a half in the bag!
    Is he really talking with a self-proclaimed farmer about...
    a horse who wants to eat blue gras?
    I hope, that you will never appear on TV!
    Surely, he is going to look for a place to kip down.
    Why did he freeze the video?
    Now, he's talking about journalism?
    Don't believe him anything!
    Subscribe his channel
    Did you find grammatical errors in the subtitle?
    Feel free to write the correct version in the comments...
    He will rectify."

    I'm not sure if it is all correct.
    Okay I'll try and have a go at this as well...

    "Who the Sam Hill is this guy?
    That's not an attraction, it's just a horse!
    He sounds well-oiled...
    Yes, he's drunk as a lord!
    Why is he talking to that self-proclaimed farmer about a horse who wants to eat blue grass?
    I hope, this will never appear on TV...
    This guy should hit the hay and sleep it off...
    Now what on earth did he freeze the video for?
    And why is he talking about journalism?
    I wouldn't listen to him if I where you...
    Yes! <-- I didn't watch the video so I don't know if this sudden "Yes!" makes any sense here...
    Subscribe to his channel
    Did you find grammatical errors in these subtitles?
    Write your corrections in the comments so he can correct them!"

    I think that will fit better. I must say find it a bit confusing to read captions that are written like there is a commentator talking to me through the subtitles about what is happening but that might just be me and perhaps also the slightly unnatural phrasing you used.
    The cats are watching us...

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    I agree with the statement about it being confusing reading and listening at the same time. Perhaps cutting to a quick blank screen for the comments instead of overlaying them on top of the video?


    What if you cut to another version of yourself in another location like you are watching this video live or even talking to the first character like a news broadcast. Dressed differently with a hat on or something) so it comes off like you are talking to yourself. This could work with another person all together, but could be funny and weird if it was you again playing 2 characters.
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    @drunkpenguin and @Grapes:

    Thank you both for your corrections, I have modified the subtitle I also agree with that: "being confusing reading and listening at the same time." But in my statics shows that it has double the viewer retention...

    I think that my concept will change multiple times until I will have find the right
    Thanks a lot for supporting my english and for your great ideas

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