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    Here's one from a different show for some variety. This is a sample made for the band. The final product is going to be a sampler montage of several songs. The audio has issues that bother me, mostly the panning of the vocal, but there's not much I can do about it in post. It won't matter on a phone speaker. Overall I'm fairly happy with the result. Criticism welcome, though there may not be much I can do about some of the deficiencies.

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    Nice band....I like the singer!...I'm guessing you recorded as a stereo master if you say there's not much you can do in post?..

    I think it's nice mix..although I think it might benefit from a bit of compression (the drums especially)... I had a quick go to see what would happen....result here :
    (I can take that down again as soon as you've heard it.... it's unlisted BTW).

    Difficult to know what's best for a phone speaker of course (they're not gong to get much of the bass anyway!)...

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    It's recorded on four tracks using a Zoom H5. The PA feed is a bit clipped and is dominated by the vocal, so it's mostly just the mics. The H5 was placed at the foot of stage with the intent to capture just the stage noise so I could mix the PA feed into it for vocals. But there was a stage monitor a bit close to it on the left, which fortunately provided the vocals but unfortunately put them way to the left. It's not ideal but it's not horrible.

    I'll have a listen to your processing when I have a chance to play it on my bigger audio system. But I've already done a fair bit of processing so I may stick with it as is. Thanks for the comments.

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