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    Question Syncing to the beat

    Hey everyone!

    Ive got a bit of a strange request and hope someone can help me out. I've looked everywhere and cant seem to find a solution.

    TLDR on bottom:

    Basically I want to edit around 50 minutes worth of music to random clips that have been filmed. I have hours worth of footage and wanted to make an almost slideshow like video that matches random clips to the beat. I have read about adding markers to the music on FCP and thats fine but then I was wondering if there was a way for the program to pull a random clip from the footage and add it to the timeline.

    For example...if I have 10 songs playing one after another, then on each beat or every 4th beat, the application will add a random clip from the footage that I have available.

    I can do this manually by adding all the music to my timeline then going though each video clip and dragging around 3 seconds of a clip to the audio, but it would take days to complete and it's just for a fun project. I have also seen that VDMX may be a good option to achieve what I want but I don't have the software and I'm not too familiar with it.

    It is hard to explain exactly what I mean over text but I hope you have an idea of what i'm talking about.

    Similar to this video at the begging, but just random clips

    Got a lot of songs
    Got a lot of footage
    Want to sync random clips from the footage to the beat.

    Thank you for reading and thanks for any help in advance.

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    To be honest, you'll end up with something totally uninspiring.
    1. If you change clips at regular intervals you'll end up with a hypnotic/soporific effect - presumably not what you are trying to achieve. Cutting to the beat is about cutting on different beats, sometimes on the first beat of a bar, sometimes on others, sometimes leaving a couple of bars between cuts. It's about what works for the clips and works for the music. Pinnacle Studio has (or at leats used to have when I used it) something that would broadly do this, but even that did not cut on the same beat every time.

    2. Editing is about choosing clips that work together in a sequence (the same is true of a slideshow). Software can't do that (at least, not software available to the likes of us mere mortals)

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